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alain lavoie

Alain Lavoie, BA, PFP, PFC Mortgage Broker

Financial professional with banking experience from Personal Banking to Small Business Banking specializing in lending solutions. I have been a chartered member of the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders since 2002. With extensive experience in residential, commercial financing and my years of experience has allowed me to develop exceptional customer service and leadership skills within the financial industry.

angie alvarez

Angie Alvarez Mortgage Agent

With an ongoing passion for real estate, I have gained over seven years experience in the finance industry. Specializing in a broad-spectrum of lending, I have the expertise and resources to provide each client with a comprehensive mortgage solution. It is paramount that each client receives complete service throughout this considerable transaction. As a highly motivated individual, I strive to ensure the best outcome possible, always putting my clients’ best interest first.

morgan vaughan

Morgan Vaughan, AMP Mortgage Broker

I have been a licensed Mortgage Broker for 14 years who excels at providing solutions for all financing scenarios. My depth of knowledge allows me to provide financing for residential and commercial/industrial properties. I have a large private lender network covering most market segments in Ontario providing unique, situation specific solutions. Every client has different requirements when looking for financing. I operate independently, which allows me to offer true, unbiased advice. Working for my clients and not the lenders means my success is directly affected by client’s satisfaction, not the lenders bottom line.

monica mackow

Monica Mackow, BCOM Mortgage Agent

With experience in the finance industry, I have acquired a strong background in customer service and skills which allow me to overcome many challenges in a timely and professional manner. I consistently focus on ensuring that my clients have a all-inclusive mortgage package for their individual situation. I have built strong relationships with over 40 lenders and continue to develop a portfolio of private investors. With a combination of knowledge and resources, I am happy to provide a solution for all situations. As customer service is my top priority, I will always put my best foot forward for all of my clients to ensure that their needs are satisfied.

Spencer St Louis

Spencer St. Louis Mortgage Agent

Growing up in the Real Estate industry has lent me serious insight into the emotions surrounding the purchase of a home. Thanks to this experience, not only will I find the best product out there to meet your mortgage needs, but I will ensure that by the end of the process you are as well informed as I am about the different options that are available to you. For many people, their home is the most important purchase they will ever make. Having a mortgage professional who is bias-free because they work with many different buyers, who you don’t have to worry about hunting down because they are accessible, and who will treat your investment with the care and importance it deserves, is paramount.

stuart skogland

Stuart Skogland Mortgage Agent

Home financing in today’s market can be puzzling and intimidating. As your Accredited Mortgage Professional, I can assist you in navigating these decisions with ease. As a Mortgage Agent with Capital Home Lending, I have direct access to over 40 lenders and I can ensure that my clients get the best, unbiased mortgage plan each and every time. Whether you are thinking of buying, renovating, or simply refinancing, I can find the right solution for you. Call me or email me today to discover how the right mortgage solution can help you save money and put you on the road to financial freedom.

kevin cheatley

Kevin Cheatley Mortgage Agent

Hamideh Hosseinlu

Hamideh Hosseinlu Mortgage Agent

With over 16 years of experience from Personal Banking to Financial Planning and home financing; I have the expertise and resources to provide you with the most comprehensive mortgage solution. I pride myself on providing professional, ethical, and authentic advice with an exceptional client experience to all of my clients. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to right size your home, or refinance an existing mortgage, my role is to find you the most suitable product for your financial needs. I have built my network of client solely based on the advice I have provided, and Trust of my clients.

Delivering the right advise to my clients, is my ultimate goal.


Many Canadian homeowners pay too much for their homes because they are not getting the best mortgage financing available in the market. The mortgage process can be intimidating and some financial institutions don’t make the process any easier.

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